Unique Senior Portrait in Maui, Hawai'i

Congratulations, Moms and Dads, Your precious child is getting ready to take off to the big and wild world!

Senior Portrait is not only for the school yearbook but for you to remember your grown-up child's true spirit and cherish it while you face the empty nest.


Theme of this senior portrait session is "Grimoire Witch in the Woods."

The model of these photographs is my first child, Hana. She is strong-willed, creative, shy, but curious about knowledge. She loves reading and stores all information in her brain. It's almost like having a living encyclopedia in the house. I ask her a question. There, she is with the answer and description.

Ironically, this Maui-grown child does not like beach life. She loves the rain, cold weather, and woods. She never cares for surfing but read tirelessly.

She wanted to wear her favorite witch hat and be in the woods, surrounded by mother nature's beauty, with her best friend, a.k.a. Books.

I can't believe she is a senior!!! I am not sure to If I am ready to face my empty nest.

Ask your child how they want to express themselves. Some might wish to just a simple portrait, but your's might have an idea that might surprise you.

Whatever it is, share it with me. I would be happy to talk/text with you and your child, to develop the best possible plan to create the senior portrait to manifest their ideas into photographs.

To start the process, please contact Mieko Photography.

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