Holiday Potluck

Every year, I look forward to photographing Maui No Ka Oi Magazine's "Holiday Test Kitchen" article in Nov/Dec issue. It is the article about Maui's top chef teaching Magazine staff how to cook his recipe for the holiday. It was always like a home party extravaganza type of situation, very merry and a little chaotic. Family and friends from both sides get together, good food and good wine. However, we were still in the midst of a pandemic when we were shooting for this year's article. They became creative on their own this year to do a "Holiday Potluck." It was very nice to see everybody's specialties and learn about the memory behind them.



Maui No Ka Oi Magazine published the holiday recipe e-books! → Click HERE. I am grateful that they used my photograph for the cover!

マウイノカオイマガジン、デジタルのレシピ本を出しました。ご興味のあるかたは、ぜひこちらからご覧ください。→ Click HERE.

Maui No Ka Oi Magazine has launched a Podcast channel. You can learn a lot about what's happening on the island at a deeper level. → Click HERE.

また、同誌編集部のポッドキャストもあります。 マウイの色々なことを深く知れる面白いチャンネルになっていますよ。→ Click HERE.

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