Witnessing Maui's small business grow as a Photographer

I have been following Heidi Cramer, the owner of Maui Cookie Lab, since early 2000 when she had a little bakery store in Paia. Then she became the island's top wedding cake designer, Maui Sweet Cakes. After she succeeded in the wedding industry, she followed her heart to return to bake the classic sweets that she had loved since her childhood. She started selling delicious shortbread cookies at 60 local Hawaii retail shops.

Around 2015, We met officially as a bakery business owner and a photographer. I asked her vision and goals, which are essential to know before I shoot for a business to create better images representing their branding.

I was impressed with her energy, quiet but unstoppable. As she followed her heart, her business grew. You will see her Maui Sweet Cake's shortbreads anywhere on the island.

Then, Covid-19 came. Without tourists on the island, Heidi experienced a rapid decline in sales. It forced her to find another way to sell her baking skills. That's how she blossomed into Maui Cookie Lab. Instead of targetting to visitors, She started to sell freshly baked cookies to kamaaina locals.

During depressing and stressful pandemic moments, Maui Cookie Lab's cookies made many people smile and something to add on the calendar like, "Saturday, pick up cookies at Maui Cooke Lab."

You may think it is just a cookie. But, Heidi's cookies were born with her philosophy, "Spread the Aloha, Share Cookies." She wants people to be a little happier every time when they taste her fresh-from-the-oven-mouth-watering-crumbly cookies.

I feel blessed to be her photographer and witness her growth closely. Now, She is trying to expand her business and needs support from many. She is planning to move to a larger kitchen/retail space. Please kindly follow the link below to Maui Cookie Lab's Kickstarter page!

Support Maui Cookie Lab!


Just, FYI, there is a new flavor of the season, Caramel Apple Pie Classic Cookie, available. Check their IG or Facebook page to find the cookie mobile bar in Wailea Village or Kulamalu!

Maui Cookie Lab FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Maui-Cookie-Lab-884311251768338

Maui Bookie Lab IG: @maui_cookie_lab

Are you in need of professional photography for your business? Please contact Mieko Photography. I would be happy to learn about your vision ad passion!

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