Family Portrait as a gift while you are in Maui

Updated: Feb 17

Sarah decided to give a gift of a family portrait to celebrate her dad's 70th birthday.


I think that the most precious gift to someone is time. We can do a lot of things with time. You can work hard and be productive. You can chill and relax. You can help someone. You can laugh with your loved ones. You can cuddle with your fur-baby. You can go to Maui and have the best vacation.


Yet, time is not tangible. You can't wrap it with a bow. When the time has passed, what only stays is memories.

でも、時間に形はないのでラッピングをしてリボンをかけることはできません。 時間が流れていってしまえば、残るものはといえば記憶だけです。

You can write a diary to preserve your memory and hold that special moment with photography.


It's my mission to help you with that.


These portraits are photographed at Charley Young Beach, Kihei, Maui.


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