Beloved Sugar Beach for Family Portrait in Maui

North Kihei's beauty, Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach used to be MY beach. Well, no one can own the beach in Hawai'i. It was my beach to go with my dogs and kids for many years. I trained myself for running a full marathon on this beach, too.


Many said that it is the longest beach on Maui. It is about 2.5 miles from Haycraft Park in Ma'alaea to the end of Sugar Beach in North Kihei. It is a glorious beach to enjoy a long walk.

シュガービーチは「マウイで一番長いビーチ」とも言われています。 マアラエアのヘイクラフトパークから続くこのビーチはなんと全長4キロあるそうです。長ーい海辺のお散歩が楽しめます。

There is only a few small condos near uwapo road, so less cloud of beach gores. In the winter, you can see some whales popping up offshore.


This family wanted to do their portrait session in Wailea near their resort. However, the rain was pouring down on the island's southern end. They were willing to drive up to Kihei to do their portrait. Yes, Sugar Beach has much less chance to get rain.

こちらの家族写真のお客様は元々ご宿泊先近くのワイレアでの撮影をご希望されていましたが、なんとワイレアでは大雨。でもシュガービーチのあたりでは雨は降っていなかったので場所を移動していただき撮影をさせていただきました。 そうなんです、このビーチのあたりでは降水量はとても少ないのです。

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