Amazing transformation from Lahaina Inn to Hotel Lahaina

ラハイナ・イン から ホテル・ラハイナ への大変容

Lahaina Inn was known and loved as a historical whaling-era boutique hotel in the center of Lahaina town. As the pandemic forced many Maui businesses to temporary shut down, they had no choice but to do the same.


What amazed me was that they were actually fighting back while they were closed.


They transformed Lahaina Inn into the "Hotel Lahaina," which portrays a modern and sophisticated Hawaiian style.


I was so delighted when they asked me to be their advertisement photographer.


Please check their website for more details and reserve your room! I was in charge of interior/exterior shots with/out models.

と、いうわけでホテル・ラハイナの新しいウェブサイトにてぜひ詳細をごらんください。そして次回のマウイ旅行のためにお部屋の予約も忘れずに。 私はインテリアと外観の写真を担当いたしました。

To inquire photography service for your next PR campaign, please contact me.


You can read an article by Maui No Ka Oi Magazine about Lahaina Inn and Lahaina Grill from this link.


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