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English ⇄ Japanese Translation - Web Design Support - PR Video Making


English ⇄ Japanese


Reaching out to potential customers beyond the language barrier is crucial in our current life.  While AI is coming close to the real-time translation, there are still ditch in fluency and conveying the subtle nuance.  I am here to help you to create smooth communications with the Japanese audience.  Contact me to discuss the details. I look forward to hearing from you.

Web Design Support

Have you ever tried to design your website and got frustrated?  There are many great-looking free website builders out there.  But, It comes with a substantial learning curb.  For those living a busy life, you might give up on it simply because you didn't have enough time to learn something quite complicated.


If you resonate with what I said and looking for assistance, I am here to help you.  Please contact me to discuss.  I can work with any website builder you chose to help finish designing the website.   Also, I can coach you on how to update your website on your own.


I would be grateful if we can work together. 

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Maui Behind the Scene

I have started the new website called "Lilikoi Maui" in January 2021.  Currently, I am curating to choose a unique small made-in-Maui business and create a PR video to shout out about their business to the world in both English and Japanese.  This a free service.  

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