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My family is the pillar of my life.

They are the reason I get up when I am down.

I don’t quit, because I want to support my children and grow together.


I know that you are doing the same for yours. 
That's why I have been passionate about photographing families since 2000.

Every family has its unique and extraordinary story.

My wish is to make your story tangible by using my photography skills.

Please don't hesitate to contact me and tell me about your family and portrait needs.  

I would always be happy to hear from you.

052_Burke Family_©Mieko Photography2021.jpg


Let's have some fun by the beach together.  With little kids or grown-up kids, a family portrait on Maui beach is a great way to preserve a precious family moment.

110_Ilisije Portrait_©Mieko Photography2021.jpg



Honeymoon, Engagement, or a small wedding, the story began when you two met. 


038_Elyse_Adam_Trav__Mieko Horikoshi 2021.jpg


Maternity Portrait to capture the exciting moment of anticipation, expecting the arrival of your bundle of Joy! 

MMH_7553_Mieko Horikoshi_2021.jpg


Ready or not, your child is leaving the cozy nest you have created. Send them off with photographs filled with your love


Maui Family Reunion Photographer_005_©Mieko Photography2020.jpg


Your days filled with tears and laughter.  It's a miraculous achievement, watching your family grow.



You have so many stories to tell, some with laughter and some with tears.  You have walked along the path of love together.


My favorite locations for a portrait session


Po'olenalena Beach

It's about 5 min drive from the center of Wailea.  Wide spread white sandy beach with the view of Pu'u Olai, Molokini and Kaho'olawe.


South Maluaka Beach

It's about 10 min from the center of Wailea. It's usually a quiet beach where located at the end of resort area.  It has a view of close-up Molokini and splendid Mauna Kahalawai.


Sugar Beach 

It located in North Kihei and easy to access from both South and West side of the island.  It is a local beach with a view of close-up Mauna Kahalawai and Molokini.


Four Seasons Resort Maui
and Wailea Beach

Four Seasons Resort Maui is known for its elegance and tranquilness. The beach in front of it is the beautiful Wailea Beach.


Grand Wailea Resort Maui
and Wailea Beach

Grand Wailea Resort Maui is a family-oriented luxury resort, almost like an amusement park. The beach in front is a beautiful Wailea Beach. 


Fairmont Kea Lani Maui
and Polo Beach

Fairmont Kea Lani is located at the end of the Wailea resort area and is known for its unique architectural design. The beach in front is the charming Polo Beach.

Choi Family_008©Mieko Photography2021_edited.jpg

Mokapu Beach

Mokapu Beach is in front of Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort.  It has a cute boardwalk, and rush greenery.  When the timing is right, you can find many tide pools.  

Coming Soon
MMH_7514_Mieko Horikoshi_2021.jpg

White Rock Beach

White Rock Beach is nicely tacked in between luxury Wailea area and abundant Makena.  Because its not fronting with a resort, It has a feeling of hidden beach. 

Coming Soon

Kanaha Beach

Kanaha Beach is a popular place for wind surfers.  It located in north of the island near the airport.  The light falls magically on this location.  It has a majestic view of Mauna Kahalawai. 

Coming Soon

To book your next portrait session, click below.

Or, leave me a note, I would love to hear from you!

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